Connect on Discord

Connect is Discord's first social media Discord bot. You can look through posts, follow your friends, and more!


Connect is a social network for the average person with not-so-average thoughts. An understanding community and fantastic UI makes it easy to voice opinions, post memes, share your day, and more!


We have nothing to gain from sharing or selling your user data. Your data stays safe in our databases. Only what you are willing to share is made available to the public eye.


We mean it. With Connect, it's easy to say what you want and own up to it. If someone else has a problem with it, that's their problem!

We Care!

Connect's developers care about your thoughts. We want to hear your thoughts. You power Connect, and we repay you by listening. The community's thoughts and ideas are what drive Connect.

Meet the team

Everyone who is currently on the team and who has worked hard for Connect to be amazing.

  • Conch

  • SunkenSplash

  • humanfriend22